February 3, 2024

What We Are Now Learning About What Really Happens At Death, But Not Just More About NDEs

I just watched a fascinating video that I found on PMH Atwater’s latest newsletter.  Once I saw it, I knew I would want to share it with you because it makes a perfect follow-up to my long blog on NDEs.

It runs about 45 minutes and is narrated by Dr. Sam Parnia who is one of the most prominent physicians to study what happens when we die.  He is of course thoroughly familiar with NDEs, but the first part of his video deals with what we are now learning about what actually tales place at and immediately after death, and how brain functioning can sometimes be restored after we die biologically.  The first part of the video also features a slew of other doctors who are giving us a new view of death, which is absolutely mind-blogging.  This video is really about the new frontier in after-death studies.

The second half of the video then does segué into a number of accounts of NDEs that pretty much follow the pattern I described in my last blog.  But when you hear the voices of these NDErs, they are so much more impactful than just reading about NDEs.  In this segment, my good friend and longtime colleague, Dr. Bruce Greyson, is also featured as one of the principal narrative voices.

Overall, this video is sure to give you lots to think about, so if you can make the time to watch it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  On the contrary, you will be stimulated to learn what these eminent physicians (and other scholars) have discovered about mortality.  It’s not what you think!

Rethinking Death: Exploring What Happens When We Die
By Parnia Lab at NYU Langone Health


  1. Absolutely wonderful Ken. I can see why you were so keen to share this. I have two of Paria’s books and I am aware of his work, but it was good to get an update on where the study of death currently is.

    Some time in the past few years, I stopped fearing death. I have a very strong sense that I am going to be here for a very long time, and that I have a lot of work to do. It does not feel ego-driven, or driven at all. Just a kind of knowing and going along with it. More recently, I have noticed that I think of my death I feel excited, not scared.

    I haven’t had a near death experience in the sense described by so many NDExperiencers, but I feel as if I might as well have. Some events and times in my life have been so traumatic that they felt like death. Either way I have somehow arrived at the same conclusions as those who experienced NDE. It does not feel like a decision, but more like a knowing. I hope that makes sense. I talk about death, dying, consciousness a lot with my clients. Everyone is wondering about the mystery of life in their own way and they often need to talk to me about it because no one else would engage with such topics.

    Anyhow, thank you so much. When you recommend something, I always pay attention. I have shared the video on my work FB page for the benefit of my clients, and also with other people who I know would be interested. Here is to post-materialism. Avigail 🙏🏼

  2. I was deeply moved by this beautiful film. Thank you, Ken! I had overlooked its mention in PMH Atwater’s newsletter.

  3. loved the Parnia video, Ken, especially your friends at the end, like Bruce G. a true service to publish it because it gives the lie to the brain production of consciousness. Thanks much. Rudy Gerber