January 9, 2024

NDE Videos from the Past and Present

Dear Friends,

Recently, an old friend with whom I did an informal TV show forty years ago got in touch and sent me the YouTube version of that old show. It’s very amusing, starting with a spilled tall glass of water and ending with a kiss. It also features me singing my near-death song, “I’m Out of My Body at Last.” But in between the fun and games, there’s a lot of serious talk about NDEs. So if you’d like to see what I looked and sounded like forty years ago, click on the video. It will take about a half hour.

Also, as a special bonus, I will offer something that those of you interested in NDEs will definitely want to watch. This one is just a nine minute recent video narrated by one of the most remarkable NDErs I have come across in recent years. I have just ordered her book, Nine Days of Eternity, which has been a best seller in Europe, and may want to blog about it once I’ve had a chance to read it. Her name is Anke Everitz and her story is fascinating. She was nearly burned to death, was put into a coma for nine days, and had a series of revelations during her NDE that were most remarkable. To get just a brief sampling of her story, click on the video:

I hope you’ll enjoy watching both videos and learning more about NDEs from doing so.


  1. Always good to hear from you , Ken! I’ll be sure to take a look at these videos.
    Hope you’re doing well, or as well as you can be during this stage in life. You’re always in my thoughts, and always the first person I refer to when it comes down to NDE research.

    All the best,

    Kate K from CT.

  2. I always wonder if people who experience these NDE’s would say the same thing if they were living in Ukraine or Isreal or Gaza. I watched the video, and the woman is sitting in a beautiful white clean safe place. I don’t understand. I worry so much about the people and animals and children that are in these war situations. Don’t get me wrong, I am comforted by what they say, but in the back of my mind I’m always wondering.