What is Trump?

By Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.

We should have seen this at the outset, but our eyes were blind to the truth. Besides, no one would have found it credible. Indeed, it would have seemed absurd.

But the signs were already there.

Do you remember when he said "I alone can fix this"?

And recall that not long ago, in making that call to the President of Ukraine, Trump asserted, many times, that his call was "perfect." Have you ever in your life heard anyone describe a telephone call as "perfect?" That should have told you something.

And then, well into his Presidency, when he asserted that he had the authority to do everything -- anything he wanted? That all the power rested with him.

And if a reporter were ever to have the temerity to ask him whether he was immune from criticism or that he ever made a mistake, that person would effectively be cursed by the President and his guards would quickly escort the miscreant from the room from which he would then henceforth be banned. Such blasphemy would not be tolerated.

Instead of asking "horrid" questions, reporters were urged, nay, commanded, to ask only "nice" questions. Otherwise, he would smite them.

Early in his presidency, with cameras rolling, he assembled his cabinet and asked each member to tell him how they felt about him and his presidency. Needless to say, each officer responded with lavish praise and promised his (or her) unstinting fealty.

Likewise, the Republican members of Congress soon showed themselves to be Trump’s spineless lackeys, trembling at the thought of incurring the wrath of Trump and risking eternal banishment from his presence. Instead, he demands worshipful devotion and absolute loyalty.

From all this and many other signs and portents, it is now possible to understand how it was that Trump could exert his omnipotence.

Obviously, Trump is God. How could we have missed this?

I have noticed two things about Trump that most political pundits have failed to comment on that also reveal his identity as Deity.

Have you ever known Trump to be sick? No. His health is perfect, even as his telephone calls are perfect.

The second thing is Trump never laughs. Oh, he can grin. He can smile, even though his smile often curls into a smirk. And in ogling women, he can certainly leer. But you never see him laugh.

Who is the only other person who is reputed never to have laughed?

Right. Jesus. Doesn’t that tell you something?

And then, in addition to his divine omnipotence, there is also another sign of his Godliness -- his omniscience.

Is there anything this man/God doesn’t know?

He often reminds us, for example, that he knows more than the scientists.

For example, he knows that the things that many scientists believe are indisputably true, such as global warming, are hoaxes. They are duped; he alone knows.

And having heard of an arm and remembering vague references to the tibia, he allows that he could well have been a physician, had he chosen that path.

Lately, it is clear that no matter what the public health officials say, only Trump knows when the country can safely go back to work. The virus will be banished by his divine fiat -- just wait and see.

But the clincher, what really establishes the truth about Trump’s identity, is of course that he is incapable of telling a lie. Men may deceive and dissemble, but God can be trusted never to lie. To do so would clearly be contrary to God’s nature.

God is a truth teller; the rest is fake news.

In Trump we trust.


  1. Ha haaa hhaaa - yes. And his followers continue to march themselves into the abyss. Great post Ken.

  2. Trump the outsider takes on the swamp. Did you know good men appear evil to bad men? Jesus taught this lesson. I was directed here, thought maybe some wisdom, nope more hate for the good guy, david taking on goliath, Lord we ate in your presence taaught in your streets? Be gone I dont know who you are?

    1. T gontarz, has covid impaired your brain function?

    2. Trump supporters always sound illiterate. LOL. Your comment is delusional.

  3. Are you happy you voted for biden now??? He is senile and so must you be!

  4. You are correct in saying the common conception of Jesus is that he never laughs. But there have been some very good books by biblical scholars which point out that is not true. The best I’ve read is by a 20th century Quaker deemed Elton Trueblood. The name of the book is The Humor if Christ. An interesting and informed little work. Thanks

  5. Jesus and Trump may not laugh at all. I don't see anything that needs to be saved as something we should be laughing at anyhow. But you digress. You are caught up in the popularity of Trump and Jesus too. All these quacked out science poeple think THAT THEY ARE GOD. THEY TRY PLAYING GOD DAILY. Messing with our DNA. Promoting and pushing an untested and radical spiked protein let loose to cause havock on my perfect immune system. WHAT IN SAMS GELL TARNATION ARE THE SCIENTISTS DOING VUT OPENING PORTALS TO DEMONS AND CULLING US ALL. I wanted to enlighten you on my NDE that showed my arms as holographic when I overdosed a few years ago but I have encountered TDS.

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